Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Workshops begin

We're off again. Today is the start of classes in our 2010/11 programme of workshops.

The quilting journey began with Sue and her new ten week course 'Make it your own, machine sampler quilt.

This class has a new twist as everyone attending will be designing and making their own version of a sampler quilt. I am sure there will be lots of sharing of ideas and patterns within the class, plus a good sprinkling of laughter.

I will be posting photos of the quilts when they are made here on our website.

Tomorrow it's my turn with a short two-lesson class on making a small embroidered felt bag. I have been really pleased with the response. The class was going to be held in the shop with a maximum of eight people but we how have thirteen eager embroiderers and have moved the class from the shop and over to the larger hall in Duffryn Community Centre.