Monday, 1 November 2010

Busy Bees Tuesday Group

An important part of Busy Bees are our groups. 'TheTuesday Girls', that not surprisingly meet at the shop between 10am and 3pm on a Tuesday each week.

Bee Hive, that meet in the afternoons on the first and third Wednesday in the month, over at Duffryn Community Centre.

And Lazy Daisies. An embroidery group that meet on the first Thursday in the month in the shop at 6pm.

Each group has it's own character. 'The Tuesday Girls', have been meeting at Busy Bees since we started the shop in 1998. They have done a lot of charity work over the years. Making quilts and raising money by holding Charity Days. From 2002 to 2009 they raised over £4,500 and made over 162 pieces of patchwork to give or sell for charity.

The quilt in the picture was started by Sheila Thomas, one of the founder members of the club.
After her death, the unfinished quilt and fabric was donated by her family to the group.

The quilt was completed by some of the newer members in Sheila's memory and also in memory of Paula Maunder, another 'Tuesday Girl', who was an inspiration and a source of great fun and who died at St Anne's in September 2009.

The quilt was given to St Anne's with great affection, in their memory and with thanks for their friendship in July 2010.

If you are interested in joining any of our groups, get in touch with the shop for more details.

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