Wednesday, 15 June 2011

It's official! Quilting is good for you!

According to a report by researchers from the University of Glasgow quilting is good for you.

It may come as no surprise to many of us, but now we can point people to peer reviewed science that quilting officially improves our wellbeing.

The details of the study and the reasons why the researchers came to the conclusions they did, has been covered in this excellent report by the NHS.

In short, the study found that:
  • Quilting was an accessible way for participants to be creative, incorporating different colours and textures and work with their hands to produce a tangible product. The women said that this offered a sense of wellbeing that they did not find in their jobs.
  • Participants identified that the use of bright colours had uplifting effects on mood and that this was particularly important in winter.
  • The majority of participants said that they became captivated by the creative process, which they likened to a “flow” - losing themselves in their quilting, displacing their anxieties and relaxing them. Participants said that these psychological benefits continued after they had stopped quilting.
  • The participants said that quilting required problem solving, such as designing new patterns and incorporating shapes. Even those with more years’ experience reported that they continued to find new challenges.
  • The participants reported that quilting was good for keeping busy, developing skills while being able to produce something at the end.
  • The participants appreciated the social side of quilting, and although the majority also made quilts alone, they enjoyed sharing ideas and skills with others. They said that seeing other people’s quilts was an inspiration to develop skills, and that receiving a quilt and receiving praise from others boosted their confidence.
Though the study only looked at a small number of quilters, it's clear that the ladies of the Glasgow quilting group are like us and get a great benefit from their quilting.

Anyway, it must be true, my sister read it in the Daily Mail!

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