Monday, 27 August 2012

Photos of the Holly Book

I have not been in the shop this week, have been at home working on the pages of the Holly Book class. The time has gone so quickly and I still haven't finished. Think I will be burning the mid-night oil as the course starts on Tuesday 18th September. Have really enjoyed working with the rich colours that you get with velvet. Here are a few of the pages I have been working on this week

Have found it hard to find many folk lore or poems relating to Holly. The Holly & The Ivy is of course a well known carol. Just used 'the rising of the sun' on this page.

This is a pocket that will house a small book on a few of the things the Celts believed. Used silk fabric and felt.

Still working on the little book. Here is the front cover.

I am back in work on Tuesday and Sue is having a week at home to do work on her workshops.

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