Thursday, 27 September 2012

Oak Book Class

The last of my three courses,  the Oak and Ash books, started today. A few people couldn't make it  as they were on holiday so I only had eleven in the class. All the class look forward to them joining us on a Thursday morning when they get back.

We started the lesson by everyone gathering around a table. I gave out notes , templates and all the other bits & bobs needed for the class and everyone introduced themselves . We then had a look at the Oak book, went through the notes and talked about what we would be doing in the class.

The next job was to cut out the fabric, for the different pages of the book and start painting them ready to sew. Some lovely colour combinations were put together.
Next time we will start working on the front cover. I was really pleased that everyone said that they had enjoyed themselves and were looking forward to coming next time.

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