Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Beautiful Bags to Inspire

The second of my Holly book classes was held yesterday morning. Last lesson we started to make nine small bags. Not everyone had finished the bags, in fact not everyone had started making them, but I am sure they will soon catch up. I thought you would like to see the wonderful bags that have been made and the ones that are well on there way.

The colours of the different velvets are just wonderful. Everyone is now in love with these small bags with lots of ideas on how they could use them. I think there are going to be some lucky people come Christmas.

Not many of the class had their name tags with them. I will take in another set to make sure when I take photos of their work you will know who has made them.

Not everyone used velvet. These lovely bags were made with felt.

Love the idea of using holly fabrics inside these small bags.

Some really lovely embroidery on these bags, with a truly Christmas feel.

I am so pleased with all of these bags and I am really looking forward to seeing  the rest of the books as they emerge.

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  1. Absolutely stunning, both velvet and felt, very clever and lovely ideas. Thank you for sharing the images.
    Caroline(currently making Oak Book)