Sunday, 7 October 2012

Sampler Book Course

Last Thursday was the second lesson in the Sampler Book course. We had to move venue, as our usual hall was being used by Newport City Council, for an all day meeting.

 Our new home for the day was in The Morgan Room, at Tredegar House. As always the staff at Tredegar House were very helpful and made the change as easy as possible.

In this lesson we started working on the first two pages of the book, the inside cover and the title page. Above you can see how everyone got on. I always find it so interesting to see the different colour combinations that are used and to hear the different ideas everyone has about how they would like their book to look.

There's a lot of sewing on these pages and I don't expect everyone to have had time to finish the pages.
I look forward to the next lesson, in a fortnights time, to see how the sewing is progressing and will take lots of photos so that I can show you the results.

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