Friday, 17 January 2014

Would you like to come?

We have had two cancellations for tomorrow (Saturday, 18th January), Gremlin Busters Class with Bob Challingsworth.

In the class you will learn how to identify and cure  sewing machine faults. This is  a real hands-on maintenance class, designed for the new and experienced sewer.

If you had a new sewing machine for Christmas or just really don't understand how a sewing machine works, this is the class for you. Full of subjects that will be a real help. Discover your machines full potential, identify and cure the top 10 sewing machine faults.

If you would like to come along to the workshop, please get in touch at
The workshop will be held at Duffryn Community Centre, Newport, between 10am to 4pm. The fee for the day course is £40.00.

All you need to bring with you is :

• Your sewing machine and motor control.
• Some fabric good bad or ugly.
• Spare needles.
• Pens, pad or paper,
• As many questions about sewing as possible.

In the class Bob will cover:

•Needles size and types.
•Threads size and types.
•Tension settings upper and lower.
•Checking Timings.
•Fault finding.
Fabrics and handling.

Plus the top ten machine faults.
Slipstiching , tensions, pucking, neeedles snapping, thread snapping, won't pick up thread, won't work, bobbin jamming, won't take work through, bobbin case falling out.

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