Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Retreat Weekend Anyone?

We've been thinking about a Quilt Retreat.

Would anyone be interested in getting away from those indoors and quilt without interruption for a whole weekend? Have food put in front of you and the bed made as well?
Maybe from a Friday afternoon to Sunday early afternoon. To include bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. We thought to have prizes, little competitions and plenty of laughter and maybe a cheeky wine to help the evenings flow.

But before we do, there are some questions we would like to ask you all.

How many would be interested?
Would you want to work on your own UFO's or have a two day workshop provided?
How do you feel about sharing a room?
Would you share with someone you don't know very well?
How far would you travel? Within a hour of the shop or further?
Would you like to stay somewhere where there is shopping close to hand or in the country or even close to the sea?  Let us know
What time of year? Thinking of school holidays etc, maybe September or May , you tell us.

So please let us know, we would love to have a weekend away and quilt like crazy, if you would too.

This is a quilt made by Mary Zahner, showing a quilt retreat in Florida - well we can dream can't we?

Thank you Ann x

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