Thursday, 12 March 2015

The Thread Storage Folder
by Beccy Paget

The thread storage folder started out as a need to be tidy, fed up with tangled threads and skeins I decided enough was enough and I set about designing a folder to hold all those unruly stranded cottons.  I originally thought of a book of threads I could flick through but soon realised that the best option was to make mini quilts with elastic attached in two rows to organise the threads in colour order. As mini quilts I could lay them out in front of me and to my joy and a UREKA moment I found I didn't have to remove the skeins when I needed a thread I could pull on the loose thread to the required length and cut ready to sew.
Sandra realised there was a class in this when I joined Busy Bees and so through out January/February and into March this year 6 students came on a journey of discovery with me in mixed media textiles and machine stitching.

Nothing is more rewarding for a tutor than coming to an end of lesson, whether a day class or a series of workshops, than seeing how your students have progressed.  These ladies who were, shall we say? less than confident with using their sewing machines for decoration as well as utility purposes such as attaching a zip found new skills they never thought they would achieve.
Well I can honestly say they excelled themselves from the results of their endeavours.
As always you learn as much from your students as they do from you and soon they were designing and making up new solutions for themselves, creating new uses for this adaptable organizer such as a carrier for knitting needles instead of thread.

We all have one these, where you spend more time untangling than you do stitching!

To this tidy heaven of gorgeous threads, much more inspiring.

Hope you enjoyed my little blog on the Thread Storage Folder, we will be having a small exhibition of work at Busy Bees sometime in the middle of May (dates to be confirmed) if you would like to see these and many other inspirational pieces keep an eye out for dates on our website and facebook page.  Well done to the ladies on this class, I am very proud of your achievements and hope that you enjoyed the class as much as I did.
Take care
Beccy xxx

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