Friday, 24 April 2015

Can I tell you ladies out there about Days for Girls.

Gill phoned the shop a few weeks ago and asked us if we had some scraps of fabric we could donate to a project she had got involved with.  So we asked her to come along and show us what exactly it was that she was doing.

We were amazed at her generosity and dedication to this cause, every bit of it she funds herself and said we would see if we could help in some way and after all we are all woman and in this together.

So what is Days for Girls?

It is a charity that helps girls access sustainable feminine hygiene kits. Without these kits these girls cannot leave the house, let alone go to school and use leaves,newspaper,corn husks, anything they can find. Can you imagine having to do this every month?

You can read more about Days for Girls here;

So what does Gill do?  She makes the hygiene kits at home by herself without any financial support, She provides the fabric, pants, soap, wash cloth, ziploc bags, everything in the picture below, comes out of her own purse, even the plastic poppers to keep them in place and spends hours making them to the strict criteria the charity has asked them to be made too.

These kits are small enough that they fit discreetly into a school bag and are designed to be washed and re-used.

So what are we asking for?
Just the scraps from your projects, the smallest pieces Gill can use is a 4" square or those pieces of fabric that you know you will never use and can't think why you ever bought, it just has to be 100% cotton or flannel. Also those bars of soap that you get in hotel rooms, that you take home but never use? They would be wonderful.

Just bring whatever you'd like to donate and we will make sure Gill receives it all.

Can you imagine being without the basic essentials such as this every month?
Help us help Gill.
Many thanks

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