Tuesday, 12 May 2015

An Exhibition of Hand Embroidery

designed by Sandra Fowler

Thursday 28th May 2015

This exhibition is show casing the wonderful world of
hand embroidery designed by Sandra Fowler, Sandra has
taught her embroidery technique for many years at 
Busy Bees using simple stitches to create amazing and
colourful books depicting trees and the folklore attached
to them.  She has also been influenced by Indian style
embroidery with it's rich colours and patterns. Sandra's girls
will be exhibiting their work on Thursday 28th May.

Come along and be inspired by the rich colours and textures of the stitches, many of the ladies had never sewn before but with Sandra's expert tuition, they have achieved much more than they ever thought possible.  
Hand embroidery has a texture all of it's own, raising from the background fabric in glorious 
peaks and troughs, sometimes ordered and sometimes haphazard forming a picture made of thread.
As the needle passes through the material and lays the threads in patterns upon the surface, we create a visual and sensory work of art.  
We can loose ourselves in the calming nature of sewing, winding down watching the telly, listening to a favourite album or radio programme, sewing brings a huge sense of satisfaction and pride which can improve our well being from busy every day life.  

   Sandra's unique technique as she says " looks difficult" but in fact is very simplistic, which I suppose is the most clever part of her design, incorporating a story of myth and legend gives all her work meaning and every page a memory to be made.

If you have ever thought you would like to have a go at hand embroidery be sure to visit this exhibition, you will be amazed and delighted by the work of Sandra's students.  
Embroidery doesn't have to be table cloths and arm chair covers but wonderful pieces of art and the sense of achievement and pride when a piece is finished is priceless.

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