Thursday, 28 September 2017

 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

Week 3

After last weeks messy session of printing with every day objects in black and white
acrylic paint on to black and white fabric, the results were quite stunning.

Even though the ladies were a little dubious of the simplicity of the subject, I think
they were suitably pleased with the outcome of some, not all, but some of their pieces.
The element of surprise is something we loose as we advance in years, nothing seems new to us but when we allow ourselves to play with no intention of making a picture you
cannot fail to be wowed. You cannot predict the outcome and as you place another
mark on the page or the fabric, or add a shape, or line the sample takes on a life of
it's own. It's exciting!!! like unwrapping a present with no knowledge of the contents 
just like being a child again on Christmas day.

This weeks task was to add stitch! 

Hoorah !!! comfort zone. For many who start City and Guilds the art side is quite
daunting. Having been used to sewing, embroidering for many years the thought of
painting, printing and getting messy is something you did in school as a child and not
as an adult! I felt the same when I first did City and Guilds and I must admit it took me sometime to get used to myself but now I see it as an essential part of the course and learning how to design.
We explored different types of threads, their suitability for the sample and how to approach which type of stitch would suit. We looked at how threads can be split apart to create different levels of texture and also how to use different types of needles to match the thread being used. The question came up of backing and how and when should it be used and my answer is always the same "where will the embroidery used when your finished". Will it be a decoration on a garment, a piece of jewelery, a wall hanging etc from there you will make a decision on what type of stabilizer is suitable for the finished work. So as we go along we will try different stabilizers to suit the embroidery. 

Here are some pictures, not finished but we've made a start.

I am very interested to see how these develop by our next session.

Next week's class is machine stitching on fabric and paper. Still in Black and white!
We would welcome your feed back on our blog, and if you are inspired by the work you see throughout the weeks ahead. Colour is coming soon I promise!!

Best stitches
Beccy X

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