Wednesday, 11 October 2017

 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

Week 5 Machine Stitching and Book Making

The weather is certainly changing now bringing a miriad of autumn colours through the falling leaves. Soon the trees will bare their branches and the lacey patterns of the branches and twigs will be revealed once more. It's astonishing the changes of nature bring beauty to every month of the year and although we generally don't look forward to winter with it's dark early evenings, cold temperatures and lack of sun. If we take the time to stop and look at the droplets of water on a spiders web, or frost gathered on the moss like a little miniature forest, the colours of the leaves and then the skeleton left when all the fleshiness has gone, there is beauty in all of these things. 
Learning to look is a big part of becoming an artist, seeing beauty in the ordinary and the extraordinary. Appreciating the shape, colour, form and texture of objects is not something we do naturally, our lives are so busy we don't take time to see the amazing scenery and objects that surrounds us. Open your eyes and look, you might be very surprised at what you encounter.

This week we were continuing with using the sewing machine and it's built in automatic stitches to decorate a piece of mark making. Here Claire has used a variegated cotton thread by Gutermann, to begin her stitching. Look into the picture at the marks made with pencil in a totally random fashion and in all sorts of patterns and shapes. But I bet when you first saw the picture your eye was drawn straight away to the stitched lines, especially the rope style satin stitch pattern. Lines are very powerful, your eye wants to follow where they go and the background seems to disappear, always look closer further into a design to fully appreciate it's make up.

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By next week this will be totally different as Claire adds more stitching and tonal changes in the thread type and shade, using monochromatic colours can be very dramatic.

Image may contain: plant and outdoor
                                                                                                                                                      Sonia used a black background for her mark making piece, again the lines of stitching are more prominent, firstly because she has used a white thread and secondly because the line is so powerful making your eye follow it around the piece. This embroidery reminds of looking into ice and the cracks made by the movement of expanding and contracting. Fascinating!

Related image

This is a picture I found on google images
which is remarkably similar don't you think!

We also had a little session on making a simple book cover. The finished stitched, mark making embroideries will become the outer covers of the book and will store their information and collected ideas on line. It will also be one of the finished machine stitched samples of 10 that the students are required to make for City and Guilds.
I am so looking forward to seeing the finished books in the weeks to come, I will post them as they are finished.

Next week colour! 
Learning the colour wheel, collaging and working towards a hand embroidered sample one of 6 that need to be completed this year. It's all go, but good fun too I hope.

Leave us a comment the girls could do with some encouragement and don't forget to open your eyes, look around you and make some time to sew!!!
Best stitches
Beccy x  

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