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City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161 Week 4 Machine Stitching

 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

Week 4 Machine Stitching.

Well it's nearly midnight and the house is very quiet, all the family in bed and it's my quiet time!
It's blowing a gale outside and the wind is blowing down the chimney but I am sat here cozy and warm and feeling quite chuffed looking at the photo's of the girls hand sewn samples on mark making. It's only week 4 and in that time they have excelled themselves.

City and Guilds is a very demanding course and there is a lot to cover in a short space of time, keeping up with samples and learning new skills 
requires dedication, so already I am very proud of the girls achievements so far.
Feast your eyes on these hand stitched samples, 
the variety and thought that has gone into these little taster samples is truly wonderful

 I am amazed that so much has been done in
a week and this is only half of the group. For
various reasons a few people were away for
today's session, so there will be a few more
next week to see.

In today's session we started to use the sewing machine as a means of decoration. Traditionally a sewing machine is used for utility purposes, sewing seams, hemming and so on. But there is whole other level to machine stitching when used
for decoration. For many the sewing machine is thing to be feared always going wrong, tensions up the spout, tangled threads and so the list goes on. To me it's the best thing since sliced bread, my pride and joy, my best friend. I love sewing machines from the very early straight stitch machines to the latest computerised embroidery machines. Having worked with machines for many years I have come to realise that the only problem with sewing machines is the person using it. Oh dear that sounds very harsh, but I'm afraid it's true, the poor little thing sits there quite happily behind the sofa, under the stairs, in the garage until it's time to be used. Where upon it's expected to perform like magic with no hitches or glitches from an impatient, terrified user who has totally forgotten that in order for it to work without a hitch is to thread it correctly. That's all it takes........correct threading!
I can sympathise though, unless you use your machine regularly it is very easy to forget, but don't blame the poor old machine, until they invent a machine that is totally self threading bobbin and all then we just need to give it a chance. It really does want to do it's best for you, believe me! they are capable of creating great works of art and my life would certainly not be complete without my dear machines.
I digress, can you guess I am a little passionate about sewing machines. Last week I asked the girls
to do a large piece of mark making on wall paper lining. These pieces will eventually become book
covers for recording information on sampling and ideas. Here are some photos of the pieces some
of the girls have done.

These were made by layering upon layering of marks made by drawing, stamping and stenciling onto
lining paper, Great as they are, now, we are going to use the sewing machine to add more decoration and a surface texture to the paper by sewing straight stitch, zigzag and built in decorative stitches.

Just the beginning, by next week these will be stunning pieces of textile art!

Well I hope you a have enjoyed our little blog, please comment and tell us what you think.
We run lots of classes at Busy Bees so if you fancy getting crafty I also do other classes on
Saturday's learning how to use your sewing machine, overlocker classes and a few more. Stop by and pick up one of brochures we'd love to meet you.
Take care and make some time to sew!!! 
Best stitches
Beccy xxx

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