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Week 11 Making Printing Blocks

  Week 11 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

Making Printing Blocks

Yesterday came and went in a flash, no sooner had I arrived in work the next thing I know it's 9 o'clock and I'm arriving back at home for tea after meeting up with my compatriots of the Naturally Sew textile group. Our group formed after finishing 4 years of City and Guilds and our very talented tutor Virginia Hole decided to retire and join us. We have exhibited at Craft Renaissance Gallery near Usk and next year we are very proud to be exhibiting at the Swansea Festival of Stitch in August 2018. I will post more details of this at a later date.

So i'm a day late in writing this blog due to yesterday's shinanagins, sometimes I wish there were eight days in a week not seven.

We had a very productive morning in the studio yesterday, the students are progressing with their chosen pictures of inspiration although over a week some had changed their minds.
So easy done, I think if I were to say I had one weakness that really irritated me it would be that I can't make my mind up. Sticking to a subject or technique is so difficult for me, I am constantly changing my mind and wasting time thinking about how I should approach a certain subject and then end up putting it to one side and starting again.
Life would be so much simpler if I just stuck to my original thoughts and got on with the job in hand, I would be so much more productive!
Any how enough about me, making print blocks. Why bother, well a print can be made by so many different objects, as long a it has a texture you can print from it and the more random the object the more random the print. Here are a few I made up on Monday this week.

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Now here's a random group if ever you saw them. From top to bottom Lentils - empty tablet packets - string. The lentils make tiny sporadic dots and when over printed and over printed make great foliage prints. The tablet packets being a larger surface area make great little backgrounds for flowers or pebbles on a beach. The string again over printed in tonal colours gives the texture of shrubbery or trees. Learning to play and to allow your imagination to see things in a different way is so freeing and therapeutic a day can be lost quite easily!

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From top to bottom - scrunched up foil producing a very subtle print of random grains - the centre block is coffee stirrers snapped up and this gave a really pleasing print for all sorts of purposes - the bottom one which is sugar stars for cupcakes didn't really work because they dissolved and became very sticky, not my best idea but hey ho!

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Over printing in different shades of green with the tablet packet. Looks a bit like the skin of a frog?
As time allows I will be playing with these print blocks and seeing how I can apply them to my own work for next years exhibition at Swansea.
Layering is a difficult concept to grasp for many, adding one layer on top of another produces depth and interest to your embroidery. Making one single print, certainly from blocks such as this would be futile and quite boring. Over printing brings texture and life to the background, nothing is one single flat colour. Even a building or a piece of sheet metal has texture, all be it subtle.
Learn to open your eyes and look further in, look how colour changes in the shadows and the direction of texture which all helps our eyes to understand the picture of view in front of us.

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Celia's been having fun here creating blocks from polystyrene, corks and string wrapped around a tube. Her picture of inspiration is a groin on the beach that is covered in barnacles and sea weed. I think she is on her way to making some great textures with these home made blocks.
Blocks that you buy generally don't give you that truly random effect which suits this sort of technique.

No automatic alt text available.

May be you remember from last week's blog Claire's picture of inspiration was a cottage garden. Claire has painted her background and is now making blocks to lay down the texture of the foliage and flowers. Perhaps next week if she has been able to work on this some more we will see how this background progresses. Clare I believe has use Kohinoor dye based colours to paint the background and then added rock salt to create some subtle texture, I am hoping next week she will have added more layers with her home made blocks to create even more texture before the exciting bit of stitching commences and then we will really see the effects that layering brings to the piece.

Next week we are continuing with our pictures of inspiration and the following week we are going to have a go at finger stitching. This will be our last week before the Christmas break and my how that time has flown! The students have already produced a large amount of superb work and there is still much to cover. 
If you are enjoying our blog or have any questions to ask them please feel free to leave a comment in the box below we would appreciate your encouragement and if I can help you on your creative journey in any way just let me know.
Best stitches and take care!
Make some time to stitch or to be creative it's the best therapy in the world"
Beccy xxx 

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