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Week 8 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

  Week 8 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

We've all had a little break and returned fresh as daisies to week 8 of City and Guilds.
Well that's not absolutely true...... I have caught a rotten cold and the girls have been working
very hard on their hand embroidered colour wheels. Unfortunately we had such a busy session
today I forgot to take photo's, very remiss of me I know but all the more for next week and 
believe you me you have a treat in store.

Our session together today included hand stitched couching, an extremely useful filling stitch
for large and small areas depending the type of thread you are couching. There are a great deal
of scrumptious yarns out there that are really meant for knitting or crochet but seeing as I am 
not good at either of those it doesn't stop me from seeing the potential of them in my work.

I am a sucker for texture and yarns it never ceases to amaze me how they are made from the 
finest gold thread to the chunky woolly bobble yarns. A real favourite is sari waste yarn made
from recycled sari's it's so unruly with no uniformity in it at all, just superb for lots of mixed media

Image may contain: plant, outdoor and nature 
Oooh it makes me go weak at the knees!

There are many types of couching Roumanian, Bokhara, Bayeux stitch and combinations there of. The real difference being whether there is a seperate thread to couch or where the working thread is couched by the same as the laid thread. It is my intention over the next couple of weeks to make some samples of my own to perfect the different types.
Here I have been playing with some very chunky wool couched down with another pure wool I purchased at the wonderful Wonder Wool show at Builth Wells earlier this year.

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 The background is very open weave wool fabric, I haven't used a backing and kept the stitches very loose so not to distort the material.

Another piece of couching I did some years back now, on an embroidered panel of a woodland scene not too far from where I live. I took the photograph in the early spring when it was not too overgrown and the little stream wove its way between the trees, I have a passion for streams which inspired this panel.
Image may contain: plant and outdoor

The trees in the foreground were couched with lots of different types of threads and yarns, some had a natural kink in them which added to the texture of the bark.

The piece below was a much more refined piece of couching using a lovely rayon corded thread. It is meant to represent water around the golden fish and the centre panel that holds a pair of small gold scissors is called laid work or lattice work. Still couching but in a more formal setting.

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The little panel is part of a project that I made for my final year of City and Guilds. It was made to represent the shell of St James and Pilgrimage. I thought if I were to go on a pilgrimage, I would need to take my sewing kit and in this I could carry my most essential tools and thread.

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I hope you have enjoyed this weeks blog. Next week I will take some photos of the work the girls have done, they are so diverse and I am amazed at the different approaches to the subject.

Best stitches
Beccy xxx

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