Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Week 9 Machine Couching Oh no !!!!!!!

  Week 9 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

Machine Couching oh no !!!!

Last week's session was fairly calm and relaxing! hardly a sound or swear word to be heard, completely and utterly in stitching heaven, needle, thread and fabric working in unison ahh Bliss!

This week there were mutterings, outbursts of "why is it doing that", "what's it doing now"
aaargghhhhh!!!!!!! bleep bleep
for some the sewing machine seems to have a personality all it's own and it ain't friendly.
I do hope as the weeks go by the girls will learn to love their machines and think upon it
as a good friend rather than a irritant.
I am sure as they use them more and become more familiar with their ways they will see what wonderful pieces of machinery they are.
Watch this space "as they say" I will keep you updated on the newly found friendships or not as the case may be:)

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This weeks class was all about machine couching. A very useful and versatile technique for many applications in textile decoration. It can be formal and structured or loose and textural to depict a wide range of subjects. In the picture above Claire used narrow ribbons recycled from those pesky loops found on new garments that constantly annoy you, until you chop them off, only to realise you have cut a hole in the garment too! So it was nice to see them put good use.
We discussed different types of feet for the sewing machine that can be used and how to adjust the built in decorative stitches to suit the yarn or thread being couched.

More to come next week, as long as the sewing machines stay in one piece.

I promised you a treat last week of the ladies embroidered colour wheels, how each of them have interpreted the subject is absolutely Fab!!!
I apologise for the photography I really will have to be more thoughtful when snapping away, but usually I am trying to take as much as I can before I forget completely and everyone's gone home. 

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A few of the finished colour wheels and I think they speak for themselves!
Well done !!!

Coming up in next weeks class we will be wielding our brushes and paints to make gorgeous painted papers to use in sketchbooks and the like. We will be making textures with cling film, salt and sponges and seeing if we can apply the same techniques to fabric.
Sploshing, spattering and generally having fun with colour, paint and paper.
Can't wait!!!!
See you next week then, don't forget to leave us a comment and if your inspired don't put if off till you have the time, Make time to stitch, make a start and see what you can do when you put your mind to it.
Take care and Best stitches
Beccy xxx

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