Wednesday, 6 December 2017

 Week 12 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

Layer upon layer upon layer!

 Our second week of printing and the results are amazing!

Rosie is working on a graffiti piece, and she won't mind me saying that her approach is quite different to everyone else's. 

Here she is printing a brick wall from a stamp she made herself, upon which she is going to applique the beautiful graffiti girl with some printed words as well. A style all her own Rosie is keen on figurative work, can't wait to see the finished piece.

Celia is working on a groyne that you find at the seaside, the picture that inspired her was a groyne covered in barnacles and seaweed. Today we discussed how we might make the groyne more life like by giving it dimension and making it stand out from the background. We also discussed that a free form arrangement would be more suited to this piece rather than putting it into a frame. Celia plans to add machine and hand stitching to create actual texture as well as the visual texture created by stamping with cork that has been cut into to create the random pattern. Again I get the feeling this is going to look amazing when it's finished.

A mushroom walk into the bar and the bar man says hey! you look like a fungi.
Enough of the bad jokes, let's be serious here. Ann has been researching some fabulous pictures of fungi and lichen and her inspirational picture is of an old tree trunk covered in lichen. She has made some great stamps to replicate the textures of these strange looking fungus and plant forms.

Some made from a textured wall paper, funky foam and string to name but a few. I find it really amazing how peoples imagination work, truly inspirational! When I got home today all I wanted to do was play in the sewing room but all I managed was two painted pages after putting out the washing, tidying around and making tea, never mind! at least I did something.

The picture below shows the tree stump printed and hopefully by next week there will be some stitching on it too. We also had a chat about how to apply some of the painted textures Anne has made, we went for raw edge applique rather than satin stitch, we felt it would give a more natural effect. Another superb piece in the making. My word! people ask me if I'm enjoying teaching this course, when I see everyone developing and enjoying their work how can you not!


Kay has printed this fantastic background to her Peruvian Daffodils, well that's what we think they are. She took a photo of them while on holiday and has made it her inspirational picture. She has made an amazing start by printing the leaves in different tones and shades of green and then today we came up with several suggestions of how to apply the flowers and the type of stitching we could use to embellish the print.  

Kay is in the process here of making a  stamp for the flowers. Again I just can't wait to see how this will develop.

I'll bring you more next week from the other girls. It's our last one before Christmas and i had better come up with some homework for the two week break. Just because it's Christmas doesn't mean there will be any slacking:)
As ever make some time stitch, paint, stamp or sew it's great therapy for the mind!
Hope you have a good week.
Best stitches
Beccy x

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