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Busy Bees Patchwork

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 Week 15 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

January 17th 2018

The second week of weaving is going pretty well, not everyone's cup of tea but you can't please all the people all of the time. There are so many disciplines to learn on the City and Guilds course, so many methods and techniques to challenge your artistic minds so don't give up on the first attempt. When you try something new for the first time and it doesn't quite give you that buzz or every thing you do seems to go wrong, the colours aren't right, the things you have chosen don't seem to match. In fact it all looks like one big mess, well, then you have learned the most valuable lesson of all, how to evaluate your work.
It wasn't that you didn't like it, it's just because the choices you made weren't well planned. Planning your work through sketching, collaging, painting and drawing can help you make good decisions and choices instead of uncalculated ones which leaves you with disappointment and a dislike for that particular method. 
Allow your mind to evaluate, always in the back of your mind say to yourself what if ? what would happen if I did this, how can I make this work for me. Jot down ideas, colours and sketches, it doesn't have to be a masterpiece just something to jog your imagination.
There are obviously techniques that will really inspire you and those that you will excel at and those that don't hit the spot and that's okay! to me that's what City and Guilds teaches the best, finding the methods and techniques that suit you and the way you want to interpret the things that inspire you most through fabric and stitch.

Below is a picture of my piece of weaving, we all agreed that using a proper frame would be far more suitable than using a cake rack but hey! when needs must why not use items you can find around the house instead of purchasing something you may never use again. It was a little awkward to remove from the cake rack but with a little gentle pursuasion it served it's purpose quite well I thought. In the abscence of very strong card or a proper frame I was very pleased with the result.
I am now in the process of turning it into a baskety type receptacle thingy! to hold my embroidery in. Picture to follow when I get around to finishing it along with all the other projects You know what I'm talking about.........

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I took my weaving to another level then by using a method called needle weaving, quite the other end of the scale where size is concerned. Below my lines or rows of straight stitches will be interwoven with different embroidery and knitting yarns to create wave shapes on this sea scape. I first printed the background with a home made stamp in different colours overlapping the layers onto a background that was painted with Kohinoor dye based paint. I have outlined some of the waves with  a half feather stitch and then used the needle weaving to highlight some of the waves, another work in progress towards some pieces I am stitching towards this years Swansea Festival of stitch.

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A close up of the needle weaving
The colours in this did't transfer too well from camera for some unknown annoying reason they are much more blue, but I haven't had time to mess around with them.
I have really enjoyed this piece and the needle weaving, I will experiment more with this particular method of stitching, there seems to be great potential for other projects
and manipulating the basic technique.

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This weaving belongs to Ann, my camera behaved this time Gorgeous colours, Ann's is going to live with this for a while, which means she hasn't quite decided how to resolve this piece whether it looks good enough in it's own right or to add something to it.
She thought may be a sea gull or two?

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Our new student Mel wasn't sure about this method at all, but I think this is a very strong piece with that amazing splash of vivid pink amongst the darker browns and blues. It has an African feel to it and could easily be a beautiful hanging.

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Below Kay has chosen Blues and slate greys to wondrous effect, the strong turquoise of the warp thread really plays it's part in the weaving and is no shrinking violet. Kay is yet to complete her weaving and I hope she doesn't have too much trouble removing it from the confines of the cake rack.

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Celia's weaving is going to make a real statement! We decided that the gorgeous piece of wood Celia aquirred from a nice wood man, looks like part of shipwreck and that the piece when finished should hang horizontally rather than vertically as below. She has a bit of a way to go to finish but Wowee it's going to be amazing!

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Some samples of today's needle weaving workshop

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And last but certainly not least Sonia has finished over Christmas and New Year her embroidery on a a 1930's holiday poster for Kent. A remarkable piece of work which has been carefully thought about and planned to maximum effect. You really get the sense of holiday with the gorgeous strong colours and the simplicity of the original poster's painting lends itself very well to applique.
Sonia has further embellished with hand and machine stitching.
Just wonderful.

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Fab week all in all.
If your following us don't forget to leave us a comment we would really appreciate your feedback!
See you next week with some more inspirational work!
Best stitches

And don't forget make some time to be creative!!!

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  1. Lovely work! Do you have space on the city and guilds course please?