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Busy Bees Patchwork

Your centre for City and Guilds Textiles and Patchwork
in South Wales

 Week 16 City and Guilds Level 1 Certificate in Textiles 7161

January 24th 2018

Our endeavours this week have take us to another form of weaving, creating an interesting surface on which to apply stitch either by hand by machine or both!
I had a really great time at home in my sewing room creating some backgrounds in first a complementary colour scheme, a triad colour scheme and a harmonious colour scheme using fabrics from my stash.

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The strips of fabric were cut using a rotary cutter in different widths and then woven in a random fashion eg. over two, under one, over one, under three and the next row again in a different layout.
This gave me a completely random pattern of blocks and rectangles. This is a work in progress and I have begun to outline some of the blocks in a close satin stitch on the machine, then outlined the blocks in a straight stitch which I wasn't entirely thrilled with I have to say. I have started to stitch some rows of Kantha work which I much happier with and I think that's where I am going go with this piece, it may be my project to take to Paris to while a way the long train Journey when I go in March for my big 5 0 birthday arghhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!

This next one is my complimentary colour scheme Red and Green again I have no real idea where these pieces are going at the moment I'm just having fun with the colours and the process, experimenting to see what happens and how the layers build.

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After the initial weaving I fired up the machine, threw on the
free motion foot and spent a happy hour stitching listening to Rod Stewart in concert on youtube.  I can't really say he influenced my
work in any way except I think my bubbles look quite sexy!

In this piece I wanted to try and obliterate the lines formed by the
weaving and make the edges more blurred. I applied some organza
with free motion bubbles in long strips to break up the edges a bit.
To further knock back the clarity of the edges I got out some stamps
I had made from another project and printed randomly across the
fabric in different tones of green. Then another layer with the end
of toilet roll tube making the leaf shape and then with some round
sponge in red and a bit of white pearl, which has a lovely
shimmer to it.

Although you can still see the weaving it is now very much
pushed to the background and no longer the first thing you see.
This piece is going to have a large appliqued flower on it at some
point in the future, so I wanted the background to be defused as though it were out of focus, well
that's the plan we'll have to see if it works when I get round to finishing it.

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Every week in class I do a demonstration on the process we are about to embark on and this week I was inspired about the story of the Foundling Children, a fascinating story of Thomas Corum who was the first person to open a children's home for mothers who could not look after their babies because of poverty or social exclusion. The mothers would bring with their babies a token of identification with which they could identify their child if they were able to come back in better circumstances and be reunited with their baby. This token could be part of a blanket, a babies cap, a scrap of fabric from their dress, an embroidery and so on, and these tokens were kept in ledgers which still survive today in the Foundling Museum. So this little piece will be my tribute to those mums who had to give up their children, another work in progress but I think this is one I will definitely finish and may be as I read more about it, it may inspire other pieces of work too.

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Vintage fabric scraps from serviettes and dress fabrics. A start towards some pieces on the foundling children and the Hospital of Thomas Corum.

Here are some pictures now of the ladies work in progress, next week we are going to some printing on the weaving and the following week we are going try some stenciling.

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Looking forward to seeing how these develop over the next few weeks !

Stop Press !!!! Kay has turned her weaving into a bag and it's Gorgeous!!!

Well done I tell you it's like Christmas every week when the girls bring in their work,
Two weeks ago this was on a cake rack being sworn at and now a very classy adornment to a
lovely shoulder bag.

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I spy a bit of cake rack there! Look at this one, Sonia has done so well considering how poorly she's been but still putting her time to good use with this wonderful piece of weaving, I think she said it was going to live on the window sill and has inspired her to do second one for another project GO GIRL !!!

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Another work in progress for Sonia, who is a
real dab hand at needle weaving, Sonia has done
some really beautiful work in this method and
I am sure when this is finished will be just
amazing. These pebbles look so real you could
just pick them off the fabric.

Well another week over, don't forget to make time to sew and see what you can come up with.
If you are inspired and would like to know more about the course which will be starting again in September this year email me at, call me at Busy Bees Patchwork 01633 810801 or pop in and see us at the studio Duffryn shopping centre NP10 8TE on a Wednesday morning. Leave us a comment below if your enjoying the work we would love to hear your feedback.

Best stithces
Beccy x

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